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Here is the latest image I made for ‘ Coffin Crushers’ – it’s a map of the largest human city around! It has Stake Guns, Sunny Spot lights, a Holy Water Moat

& many many Crosses, so vampires be ware!

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Eve & The Apple


This is an illustration I did for fun ;)

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RPG BOOK: Wireless Soul Transmission


I’ve been role-playing for many years now & I love to make maps! These maps were made for ‘Scribed Starlight Press’ who just released a new roleplay-game called; Wireless Soul Transmission – These maps are not intended for meticulous navigation, but instead the maps should inspire players to get creative with the environment.

Well, I had a lot of fun making these maps & I can’t wait to play this game with my friends :)

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Example 1

Example 2

Go to for more information on the game!


Moving Movie Parts

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Hey guys!

I made these illustrations a while back & felt like sharing them :) Each image consists of about 5-10 separate parts, so the scene can be animated. The image at the bottom shows that in more detail.

I made about 30 of  these  images in total, intended for 6 short movies.



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Hey everyone!

My  ‘Coffin Crushers’ comic  is finally shaping up! After a very long design period I could finally make some progress on the actual pages. Here you see two shots from what I have so far!

This first shot is from inside a Coffin Crusher (a huge robot designed to withstand vampire attacks).

And this shot shows a Crusher protecting his fallen comrade from  a huge vampire!


And this is page 1 of the comic!



Coffin Crushers Bike design

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Whenever time allows, I continue making designs for Coffin Crushers :)

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Hey! These are some recent maps I made -and I felt like sharing them ;0

The top map is a game-board for the card-game ‘Gang Up!’. Just to explain a little more about that;  the city-blocks that have white boarders, is where you place your card stacks. The map itself shows ‘Crimetown’, the fictional city where the game takes place. And the buildings on the map refer to the characters & situations that are part of the game. I made the entire map out of shapes in PS.

The middle map is the floor-plan for a huge manga convention in the Netherlands, the ‘Abunai’. The convention takes place in a huge hotel and it’s a maze! So I updated a very basic map, to this one; using clear colors & icons to help the visitors navigate the hallways :) It’s also visually connected to a timetable that is printed on the backside.*

The map at the bottom is for the website of cosplay model ‘Azzy’, and the locations & feel of the map represent her interests.


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*=characters are by Yasmin Sheikh, Abunai logo by the Abunai design team.


Live Model Illustrations

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During the last few years I’ve been practicing anatomy by attending live drawing classes. And although I made hundreds of sketches, I never really came around to actually make a more refined illustration of a just a model. I think i’ts because I have the strong urge to mix everything up with all kinds of fantasy costumes/designs etc.  Anyway, I tried to avoid that this time, so here are some simple nude-illustrations. Enjoy!



My Portfolio artbook


I’ve worked on over 40 different projects in the last few years and lately I felt the need to collect all that work in a presentable way. So I made this very old-school  paper artbook!  Here’s an impression of the book and it’s contents:

The book contains 216 pages, and all projects have a short introduction and some comments. It contains comic work, animation work, concept art, game art, live-model drawings and roleplay art.

-PS. Sorry, it’s just one copy, so it’s not for sale!


RPG Maps

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For my last(mini)  D&D campaign I made several detailed maps. I mainly made these in ’3D’ to prevent all kinds of delays during play, often comming from questions like:  What height was the ceiling again,… can I jump over that monster or not?’ Etc.

There are also 3 more maps that belong to this story, which I hope to combine with the story itself in a PDF.  If I ever find the time, I will try to finish that. But for now I felt like sharing these. enjoy!


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