Robin Keijzer is a productive & versatile artist, who mostly works on comics & games but also illustrates books, writes RPG-stories – and even hosts a unique series of model drawing sessions.

Apart from making art, Robin has a knack for developing concepts; he for example imagined the first camera-based dance game for Sony, made an addictive card-game about trust & betrayal – and envisioned an extensive fairytale-world build on books.

Robin has worked on 25+ games, produced over 100 comic pages & ran 2 successful Kickstarter-campaigns. Robin currently works as a freelance artist, but has also been an art director and managed up to 30 artist for a period of 3 years.

Robin lives & works in the Netherlands, with his girlfriend Yasmin. Together they are bound in an eternal game of cat-counting whenever they leave the house.

(Yasmin is very much winning!)


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