Hey! I’m Robin, an artist from Breda, the Netherlands. I really enjoy what I do; spending my days working on games, comics & role-play adventures. I develop my own projects, but I am also available as  a freelance artist for whoever brings me fun challenges and adventure!

So what did I do before? Well, after finishing both law school & art school, I started working in a game studio as a concept artist, but soon became the art director of my own project. Over the years I managed  an art team of over 30 artists and quickly got familiar with all aspects of game developing. During that time I’ve made artwork for various console games and have developed several game-concepts myself, like for example PomPom Party (ps2, released 2008) & Fairytale Fights (ps3/xbox360, released 2009).

I eventually left the studio to be able to work on my own projects & to start working as a freelance artist. By now I have contributed art & ideas to over 25 games. In the meanwhile I also produced several comics and many many illustrations.

Would you like to work with me? Here is a a list of my skills & experiences.