This is a limited overview of my gamework.

//Developed by QUENTA HOLDING B.V.,
   LINKIN PARK & Kuuluu
 // Facebook game// 2013
My involvement:
Initial character design
Style refinement
Trailer art
Marketing art
I’ve been involved twice in this project. The first time I made a dozen characters for the pitch and a few months later I was asked again to work on some marketing & trailer-art. This was such fun to do! I simply love the whole post-apocalyptic setting and the characters within it. And on top of that I had the pleasure to work with Mike Shinoda (singer, illustrator), who was to my surprise very hands-on involved in the art production  :]
These are a few illustrations I made for the game:
And here is the teaser-trailer! 
( The art for the character-scenes you see here was done by me)
 More info on the game can be found here: & on the games facebook page.
[Copyrights belong to their respective owners - thanks again  for including me in this great project!]

// Developed by Playlogic
//PS3, XBOX 360// 2009
My involvement:
co-created the origional concept,
concept art,
basic storyline,
initial gamedesign,
art direction.
Fairytale Fights is a project close to my heart! I love creating compelling fantasy worlds, and this project gave me every opportunity to do so. I was involved from day one, as co-creator of the concept & story. I also produced the initial concept art and later on lead a team of over 30 artist as being the art director of the project.  I also did a video interview for Electric Playground that gives a nice overview of our creation process; you can watch it here. In 2010 ‘Fairytale Fights’ also won the dutch game award for best visual design.
If you want to get a quick impression Fairytale Fights, then check out the trailer:
This movie gives an overview of the game; wich should also give you a fair impression my artistic involvement in the game:
While I was still developing the initial concept I made the illustrations you see below. The basic idea was to integrate books and paper in the world, to give the world a strong and unique connection to Fairy Tales. The idea stayed throughout the project, but as you see in the movies, the style became even more abstract &stylistic.

// Developed by Double Dutch
// XBOX 360
// status: almost done
My involvement:
Art direction
Art production

DoubleDutch Games invited me to create the art for their next game;  CHAOS BATTLE That  includes; generating a visual style,  making backgrounds,characters, logo’s, weapons, FX, HUD & menu elements etc. I’m almost done now and I can say it  was a great and enjoyable job; I can’t wait to show you the final game!

// Developed by Ronimo
//PS3, XBOX 360
// 2012
My involvement:
marketing/menu character art
marketing poster

The guys at Ronimo invited me to make some character art that could be used for marketing purposes and for the character select menu. I love doing character art, so sure! But there was little time to do this, so I shared the workload with Yasmin. And so within a few days we transformed all game characters into pimped versions. Here you can see two examples of what we made:

Next we also made the marketing poster for the game.  This is the final version that is now used to promote the game. 

This is a trailer of the game, and YES, it’s an awesome game :] Go check out the website!

// Developed by Team Briliant
// status: demo
My involvement:
 Making the art
Drinking coffee

During the Global Gamejam of 2012 we made the first level of ‘Rebirth’. We made this game with a small team in 48 hours! Although the game certainly needs more work, it’s already uploaded and playable; you can download the zip-file here.

The movie below shows the game and explains the puzzle mechanics.

In the week after the Global Gamejam I additionally created some background art that could be used for an expansion of this game:

Programming: Luc Bloom, Django Verbaant – Game Design: Ard Bonewald, Kim van Eng – Art: Robin Keijzer – Audio: Matthijs Dierckx

// Developed by  Robin & friends
// status: concept phase 
My involvement:
Created the concept
Making the art

This is a personal projectthat I’m working on with Rob (gamedesign) & Sjoerd (code). The project came forth from our love for building huge defensive bases  in RTS games…and the fact that you could never win the game with just doing that. This game takes a different approach and is focused on base-building. Currently we are in the concept phase of this project and are a bit overwhelmed by other work…so it might take a while before we are able to continue this fun project :]  This is a first impression:


// Developed by Playlogic


// 2007

My involvement:

concept art,

developed a digital animated comic.


Xyanide Resurrection was my second project at Playlogic. The main challenge that I faced as a concept artist was that I had to come up with background designs that could loop. The backgrounds in the game are basically looping video’s of 7 seconds. So how do you make something interesting without making it repetitive? It turned out that it can be done, balance is the key.

Apart from that it was just all about designing nightmarish space monsters and ancient Greek metallic enemies. That was fun to do.  Here you can see some of the concept art I made:

And finally we decided to add a digital comic to the game to tell the story of our hero. The comic had to be made in four months with only two people…that meant that we had to finish 4 comic panels each day. So we had to come up with a speed paint technique that allowed us to work quickly and reuse a lot of art. For example, we sometimes flipped backgrounds upside-down, to create a base for a new background. That worked great. These are some stills from the digital comic:

This is a chapter from the digital comic:

More chapters and other artwork can be found on Xyanides Facebook page.

This is a trailer of the game itself:

// Developed by Playlogic &  SCEE

 //PS2 Eye Toy

// 2008

My involvement:
created original concept;
incl. initial concept art & graphical style;
upon which this concept was bought by
SCEE & developed in a collaboration with Playlogic.

 ‘Use real pompoms to make cheerleader moves in front of the Eyetoy camera’.  I thought the idea made sense and I turned it into demo movie. Sony soon picked up on it and asked Playlogic to further develop the game.

As part of a sales pitch I did   I even did a colorful photo shoot, where two of my colleagues swung around some pompoms. Yeah, I would upload it if it wouldn’t be so embarrassing for them :].  Anyway, the commercial below is the refined version of this photo shoot.


// Developed by Playlogic, SCEE


// 2009

My involvement:
game asset (artwork).

My involvement in Tori Emaki was limited. For a while I helped out a fellow concept artist and created several background assets for this game. We basically looked up the classic artwork and tried to stay true to that style. This is an impression from the game:

// Developed by QUENTA HOLDING B.V.
//Published by kuuluu Interactive Entertainment AG
// IPhone & IPad// 2012
My involvement:
Concept art
Asset creation
BATTLE BAND is a game that takes an origional twist on the ‘Worms/ AngryBirds’-type of gameplay. During the project I was asked to help out to shape the game’s Heavy Metal look and made several assets, game screens, menu screens and special FX for the game. What you see below are a few images that I made for the first approach to the game. Later on the style was changed into a more detailed 3D look as you can see below.
It was another fun game I worked on and it got me seriously hooked during it’s test phase :) Read more about the game here:
[Copyrights belong to their respective owners.] 
// Developed by Abstraction Games B.V.
// IPhone & more
// status: production
My involvement:
Style development
Art direction
The guys of Abstraction Games asked me to put a cute colorful style on their new game project; Candy Kids. So I did, and I helped the artists on site to expand on that style. The images below are made by Yasmin.
The movie shows some of the first visual results.
[ Artist involved in the images & animation; Mathijs Nahon& Yasmin Sheikh, copyright Abstraction Games B.V.]
// Developed by Enlightment Studios
// PC
// status: kickstarter
My involvement:
Concept art 

I worked shortly on the MMORPG ‘The dark Centuries’, developed by ‘Enlightment Studios’. I made some (mostly historical) chararacter designs & I also made the art for this trailer.