I try to be available to everyone. If you like to work with me, you can simply send me an email with your request. Please read the FAQ first to get your initial questions answered (at the bottom of this page).

You can contact me at:  ghosthouse(AT)


My experience

  • I worked 10+ years as a professional  comic artist/ concept artist/ illustrator/ art director/ creative director/ game developer.
  • Worked on 25+ games, for consoles, tablets & mobile devices. I also made various comics, tabletop games & many illustrations. Most of this work is published.
  • I managed art teams, organized creatvive events, gave lectures & assesed student work.
  •  You can find my complete resume and recommendations here:

My services

  • Visual planning & development for various entertainment products (comics/games/movies/ books etc.)
  • Style exploration/ Sketches/Concept art/ Illustrations
  • Backgrounds/ Characters / Items & Architecture /Storyboards
  • Menu art for games/ logos & Icons

My special interests

  • Point&Click Adventure-game  work
  • Any Roleplay related work – especially making maps!
  • Comic work
  • Board/Card-game work


These are a few of the published games I worked on.

* Most FAQ & Answers

  • Yes, I am really available as a freelance artist!
  •  For a quick start please provide a clear deadline, description of the workload & indication of your buget.
  • Oh sorry, I don’t work for free. I apply a daily rate, for which I can do more or less based on your specific request.
  • Yes, I do provide a complete contract; specifing the workload,  my working terms & granting you all required copyrights.

Please read the complete FAQ here for more answers.