If you like to work with me, you can simply send me an email with your request. I try to be available to anyone!

You can contact me at:

My experience

  • I worked 10+ years as a professional 2d artist & Art Director.
  • I worked on 25+ games, for consoles, tablets & mobile devices; and made card games.
  • I made several comics & book covers.
  • I managed art teams, organized creative events, gave lectures & assessed student work & mentored interns.
  • I’ve successfully managed various promotion campaigns, including my own Kickstarter projects.
  • I organized over 50 ‘thematic’ model drawing sessions in support of the Dutch art community.

My services

  • I work as a 2D artist & Art Director.
  • In support of my primary services; I also work as a game designer, writer & 2D animator.

My specialties

  • Developing concepts & adopting various visual styles.
  • Style exploration / Lay outs / Concept art / Sketches & Illustrations / Storyboards /Comics
  • Environments / Maps / Characters / Items / Architecture / Menu art / logos & Icons
  • Drawing girls (as I do a lot of figure drawing).


  • Creative, Efficient, Original, Problem solver, Punctual, Organized.

I would love to work (more) on:

  • Adventure games (point & click)
  • Role-play adventures & making maps
  • Board & Card games


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Yes, I am really available as a freelance artist!
  •  For a quick start please provide a clear deadline, description of the workload & indication of your budget.
  • Oh sorry, I don’t work for free. I apply a daily rate, for which I can do more or less based on your specific request.
  • Yes, I do provide a complete contract; specifying the workload,  my working terms & granting you all required copyrights.

Please read the complete FAQ here for more answers.


Clients & collaborations:

These are some clients, publishers & schools  that I worked with in the past. You can find my complete resume and recommendations here: