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Hey! These are some recent maps I made -and I felt like sharing them ;0 The top map is a game-board for the card-game ‘Gang Up!’. Just to explain a little more about that;  the city-blocks that have white boarders, is where you place your card stacks. The map itself shows ‘Crimetown’, the fictional city […]


Map of Magica 4


This is where the story of my next comic takes place- it’s an abandoned mining town right in the middle of the white desert click the image to enlarge!


D&D/ Map of Titanos


So this is the world where my current D&D campaign takes place! The world is shaped by the corpses of mythical super creatures called Titanos, which are now turned to stone. My players spend most of their time in the eye of the Manticore and are now just returning from the White Desert. The climax of […]