Takers – the cardgame


In the past I’ve made the art for ‘ Takers‘, a robbery-type-cardgame from Ankama. which was a really cool project to do.

I designed about 40 characters & made all kinds of additional art for the game like the box design, card layouts & the manual.

But that was 3 years ago…and  like with so many projects, it unfortunately never made it to the shops.

Well, at least I’m left with a lot of fun artwork. So here’s a short overview of the 4 gangs that appeard in this game :)


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Art by Robin Keijzer

Iceberg Interactive art


At the end of 2018 I made this promo-banner for Iceberg Interactive, a game publisher from the Netherlands.

It was a lot of fun, puzzling all those game-characters in that car :)

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Copyright Iceberg Interactive & the respecive game creators. Shared & created with permission.
-art by Robin Keijzer

Art for Growing Stronger


A while back I made quite a few illustrations for the game ‘Growing Stronger’. These are a few of them. On top, some strory-illustrations, below some boss characters of the game.

Well, there’s nothing strange about this game, right? :)

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Growingstronger_Robin Keijzer

Temple of Rain – a roleplay map


I recently made this map for a roleplay campaign. It’s part of a bigger story and there are 4-5 maps that go along with this one. I hope to be able to show you more of those soon!

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TempleofRain_RobinKeijzer copy

Here you can see the map in action!

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Book Cover Illustration – part 8


This is the 8th cover I made for this book series!

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For the illustration I used seperate layers. So afterwards I made a little animation using those layers. This is a Gif-loop; my options were very limited of course – but I still like this one :)



Pirate king!


This guy is a Pirate King and an NPC from one of our previous roleplay stories.


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Here is the latest image I made for ‘ Coffin Crushers’ – it’s a map of the largest human city around! It has Stake Guns, Sunny Spot lights, a Holy Water Moat

& many many Crosses, so vampires be ware!

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Eve & The Apple


This is an illustration I did for fun ;)

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RPG BOOK: Wireless Soul Transmission


I’ve been role-playing for many years now & I love to make maps! These maps were made for ‘Scribed Starlight Press’ who just released a new roleplay-game called; Wireless Soul Transmission – These maps are not intended for meticulous navigation, but instead the maps should inspire players to get creative with the environment.

Well, I had a lot of fun making these maps & I can’t wait to play this game with my friends :)

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Example 1

Example 2

Go to  www.scribedstarlight.com for more information on the game!

Coffin Crushers: bunker designs


This human city exists out of a mix of medieval castle elements & WW2 bunker elements;  and of course, as the cities main purpose is to ward off vampires, there are many cross-designs integrated in it’s layout!


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The vampire lair, is basically a huge metal coffin; completly fireproof!




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