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Tower of Girls


Update 01 (dec 2012):

In-between making actual illustrations, I’ll mainly practice drawing girls.

And after I spoke to Gijs last week, I was re-inspired to simplify my colors and push it more towards a cell-shading look. I think it’s a good way to start more complex, or more painterly images since it gives you a good grip on your color scheme and quickly adds volume to the image.  I used to  skip this basic step in the process, but then I always got stuck when I was refining the image… Yeah, I learned it the hard way now :/   

Update 03:

So, I finally got around to ‘finish’ this image. The image is still a bunch of sketches pushed together, but I like how the colors worked out.  I started everything with a cell-shading approach, but added some extra gradients and highlights on top of it.  I also stayed away from actually ‘painting’ the colors as I often do. It saves me a lot of time, for example the top girl now only took me 10 minutes to color  :)     

Heap of girls

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Inbetween making actual illustrations, I’ll mainly practice drawing girls. Like these :]

(click to double the size)

//figure drawing class 04/

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The color update :]

The sketch

Dr. Sketchy’s show


This weekend I went to ‘Dr Sketchy’s’ in Amsterdam. You don’t know it? Well, it’s a burlesque show with singing and dancing  organized especially for artists. – yes for artists! This is because the performers strike a pose after their act is done, so you can draw them. It was really entertaining and I certainly got some nice sketches out of it!  – So Thanks for organizing this event! I’ll be back next time!  

//figure drawing class 04/


Practice practice practice!

//figure drawing class 03/


Really, it’s nice to get away from Photoshop once in a while. Because no matter what I do with it, it always gives me the feeling that I’m at work; even if I’m just drawing for fun. So when I get the chance I gladly do some experimental art and just throw some paint on a real canvas. But that’s clearly not my specialty.  As it turns out I used some special printing ink which supposedly never dries! So this painting will stay wet forever :/

Oh well, at least the picture is dry :]

//figure drawing class 02/

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I’ve been making these model drawings lately and I was looking for a good way to color them. Here I tried the aquarelle-technique…

//figure drawing class 01

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I recently started attending a figure drawing class -finally!  Even though I usually draw pretty cartoony stuff, I do believe that you always need a good understanding of anatomy before you can effectively simplify things. So that’s why I started doing this, and it’s also fun to do of course :] These are my first results:

These poses were drawn in 15-20 minutes. And ehhh, the huge skull used to be a chair :]