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Just finished my latest comic. Now I spend some time on elaborating on army of weird robots :]



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Well, this ‘PIG-war’ universe keeps expanding. Origionally I made these designs for a  comic, but I’v just got too many machine-concepts to fit them all in there. So maybe I’ll just collect all this stuff into an artbook.

When I was in Japan, I found a book about the ‘Machine Krieger’ model kits and this book was the thing that really inspired me draw more of these PIG-bots. Another big source of inspiration were the designs in GITS  (the comic, movie and the ‘stand alone complex’ series). And I guess I also picked up some inspiration from the designs in last ‘Metal Gear solid’ games,.. although I never played them. Of course all these references are quite serious, but I like to put some more humor to it… by turning assault vehicles into overweight animals :]

P.I.G. Rocket Launcer//WIP


Well here you have it; my secret design process!

0. I liked the idea of creating a rocket launcher that was somewhat shaped like a pig. So I picked up my sketchbook and started drawing.
1. I always start with a small thumbnail; this picture was not bigger then 10 centimeters wide. Usually I do more thumbnails, but I was happy with the first one so I continued right away.
2. The next step is to scan it, blow it up and print again so I can start refining the concept. Sometimes I already tweak it a bit in PS, but not this time.

3. Then half way through the design I suddenly felt that the force-feedback-motion was not right… too bad.
4. So I thumbnailed another motion sketch for the rocket launcher and brought that action-line straight back into the bigger drawing.
5. When I’m happy with the rough sketch I use my lightbox to trace it and clean it up. Meanwhile I also add more details to the concept. In this case I felt that the image could be cooler if I made a scene around it. So I added some friends.
6. Now it’s time to trace the sketch once more to get the final line drawing.

To be continued!


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Look at those amazing discoball biceps!



This weekend I transformed my logo into an army. I colored a few of the sketches and here they are!

Other then that, I spend most of my time coloring comic pages for project X and I took on some more freelance work lately. It´s just to bad that it´s all´secret´ stuff, so I can´t say anything about it. But there are some really cool projects that I´m working on. I just hope that those projects make it to the end…and then I´ll tell you all about it!


Happy Tank Paint Demo!


Well, I finally invested some time in setting up a Youtube channel, recording my progress and (ahem..) editing this video. All, so you can see the big secret of how I work! ..ehhh yeah. Anyway, enjoy! :]

(Oh, what you see here is 10 x the actual speed)






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A while ago I made some art for the Megaman tribute book, which will be released at the this year’s San Diego Comic-con (July 21-24). I just got word that I can show what I made, so here it is!

For those who know the games, this is a boss fight from part 3, where Megaman is equipped with the magnet missile and attacks Hardman.
And for those who really never heard of Megaman,… this is a movie of Hardman’s stage. You’ll see the boss fight around 2.22.

The artbook itself is great for it shows many artistic interpretations of Megaman. Here you can find for example a totally different version of Megaman, made by Yasmin. And if you click on the book in the sidebar, you’ll get more info on the rest of the book. Enjoy!



‘SUPER MIGHTY FORTRESS’ is a crazy tower defense game that focuses on building insane defense structures; a mighty fortress! What you see here is a first level impression, where the purple fleet are the bad guys. (Or actually, they will launch their army from these ships.) The yellow robot is in this case a boss character that is put into the image to create an interesting scene. Normally he would walk the other way and be purple too. The actual fortress is build somewhere higher on the map, out of screen in this case.

But there’s more than just art. I’ve been working on this game with Rob van der Sloot (Super game designer) & Sjoerd Grevelink ( Mighty programmer). We already did a lot of groundwork and might start on a prototype level soon.  I’ll keep you updated on this :]