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My Portfolio artbook


I’ve worked on over 40 different projects in the last few years and lately I felt the need to collect all that work in a presentable way. So I made this very old-school  paper artbook!  Here’s an impression of the book and it’s contents:

The book contains 216 pages, and all projects have a short introduction and some comments. It contains comic work, animation work, concept art, game art, live-model drawings and roleplay art.

-PS. Sorry, it’s just one copy, so it’s not for sale!

From the world of ‘Wizard Brew’

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It’s been a while again! I’m currently juggling several projects and my time is more and more filled by all sorts of fun freelance work.  But as always, I can’t show much of that until the games it’s for, are released. So I’ll share some of my sketches; These confident characters will be part of a series of map-illustration, that are all part of a short D&D adventure I’m currently hosting. I plan to wrap the whole thing up in a nice pdf file that you can download, so you can play the adventure too :) Enjoy! 

Wizard Brew/ personality sketches

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Wizard Brew Issue 1

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I made issue 1 of ‘Wizard Brew’ in 2013 and I am now working the next issues. But this is old news, since you probably have seen much more recent stuff of of the comic on this blog. Well, I somehow forgot to post the actual pages, so here they are at last  :)





This girl was in need of an update ;) These are a few images I made of her last week, I’ve been practacing facial expressions and tried to stabelize my female proportion; mainly to get them on par with my male characters. For some reason I find it easier to go nuts with their expressions…

Map of Magica 4


This is where the story of my next comic takes place- it’s an abandoned mining town right in the middle of the white desert :)

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Dungeon mini-artbook



Recently my roleplay related art was printed in this mini-artbook! It has 18 pages, and is filled with lots of sketches and several colored characters. You can order it here if you like:)

Wizard Brew// at the Mermaid bar

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And here he it is, the hero from my next comic Wizard Brew!

* And now you finally know who the guy in the banner on top is! :)

Witches in the desert

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