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Wizard Brew: A New Challenger!


Wizard Brew: SHERIFF

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I’ve been experimenting with this sheriff- guy for a while now.  Still not sure which direction to go in; top one is somewhat more friendly, the bottom one is more serious.

Zombie Slayer feeding the dog..


These are some sketches for a side-character in my next comic…

Wizard Brew: background test

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‘Project X’ is moving forward. I needed a break from writing, so I switched to doing some first background tests. This is the first one; it lacks some detail, but I’m happy with the general feeling it has.


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‘A new location has been added to your map.’ Project X is getting more and more shape. And as you might have guessed by now, the comic will take place in a fantasy setting. But instead of showing all these glorious environments, I plan to show more of the dirty side of the world. Like the insides of this Mermaid bar…

Wizard Brew: ZOMBIE BBQ!


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This is another tryout for project x. Since it’s a comic I felt like I should add some text. But i probably have to experiment a bit more with that…

Wizard Brew CAT FIGHT

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 This is a comic panel for project x. The girl is casting a spell to resurrect a wave of  dead kitties :] That guy is the main character from my other comic ‘Treasure hunt’.

Wizard Brew sketch


A quick sketch for a suit.



So, I’ve been working on some characters to see what I can do with them. These are just two tryouts. Here I didn’t really focus on the character design yet, but I focused more on the style itself.

For these drawings I was inspired by the enemy designs of ‘ Zelda the Windwaker’. Almost all enemies in that game have  blue or purple colors. This strict color scheme helps them to stand out from the background and  makes the easy to identify as an enemy. I’d like to try this for ‘project X’, to see if it also works for comics.

Apart from that I’m also very much inspired by the simplicity of the Windwakers characters and I also want to bring that back a little in project X. I’m thinking to use that simplicity for the animals and backgrounds, and not so much for every character.

Wizard Brew

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Yesterday I finished the ‘Treasure Hunt’ comic. So that’s done -few… :)

Today I started on the next project.

I’m not going to say too much about it yet, but here you can already see some of the first sketches I made for it. I guess in the upcomming weeks I will be mostly working on the art-style for this comic. In the past I’ve drawn many different styles for different projects which actually have prevented me from fully developing  my own style.   So I feel it’s time to catch up and get some focus back into my art.

Ah! Do you recognize those comics laying on my desk? Those are two of my favorite series!

Right now I’m focusing on some details in my style. Do you see  the diferences between these drawings? Some have more round shapes (like the girl on the bottom picture) while others have straighter lines (like the girl on the top picture).  And I don’t know what works best…