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Tetra the Pirate

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She appeared more then once on my blog; Tetra the Pirate. A D&D character played by Yasmin, named after the Tetra from our favorite game: Zelda the Wind Waker :)

Pinal & Tlaloc

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Pinal is a D&D character played by Robert.
Pinal is a military man from the legendary golden city in ‘the Black’. . He is sent on a mission to retrieve 12 escaped ‘sacrifices’, in order to secure the future for his people. But this mission is like looking for a needle in a haystack. So when the opportunity presents itself, Pinal uses some powerful magic to get his bearings. And so after numerous adventures Pinal finally finds his sacrifices; but then they turn out to be the lost relatives of a party member. Pinal, being a man that follows orders, does what he must do and makes the sacrifices himself. The party is confused about what to do, but eventually they are forced to kill their former friend. At the end of this slaughter Pinal is buried under a huge rock – and Tlaloc, his loyal dog, now watches over him. Till the end of his days.

D&D/ Map of Titanos


So this is the world where my current D&D campaign takes place! The world is shaped by the corpses of mythical super creatures called Titanos, which are now turned to stone. My players spend most of their time in the eye of the Manticore and are now just returning from the White Desert. The climax of this story will take place in the super hot core of the Burning earth, a place of wild magic that is home to the beholders and other most dangerous monsters.

..and I also created a comic that follows a different story, but is set in the same world :)

 – click image to enlarge-

Zelda inspired colors

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My girlfriend recently gave me the Hyrule Historia book which made me very happy :) The book gives a great insight in the various  art styles of  the Zelda games and shows a lot of art that was not available before. To me it’s great to see how basic their design process is and how well they keep using their surprisingly limited color scheme. And so, being inspired by the book, I am now mixing colors in PS-trying to learn something from it all ;)

This is just 10 minutes after I started; let’s see if I can refine it while keeping is simple. 

Run you fool

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Lord Gimbor Ram illustration

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This is a book-cover based on a part of our current D&D campaign. It should fold in the middle so the big guy comes on the front. The blue area on he back was intended for a summary and the logo should eventually go to the front. But since it’s just an illustration right now, I’ve put the logo on the back to balance the image. Enjoy!

Lord Gimbor Ram / sketch


This massive guy was another challenge for my D&D players. He is situated in an area that contains a fountain of healing water, and on top of that he has a great defense. When in combat he deals massive damage with the sharp horns on his shield, or when he bashes the players through the area.

How to defeat him? Well the players placed a massive explosive on his neck, which destroyed him.. and the entire room. Crude but effective :)

House of Ram, the castle

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Occasionally I draw a D&D event, so the players get a good idea their surroundings. This the castle of House Ram, located in the Hydra mountains.

House of Ram

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At the moment I’m the storyteller for our D&D campaign. And for me it works best to sketch out some of the story-events  &  encounters, so I can describe the situation more accurate when we’re at the table.  Here are some of the first sketches I made when I was planning the next ‘dungeon’ in the story.

Once I have a clear idea on what I like to do, I start to make floorplans and add statistics to the characters. Usually I spend a full day on the initial planning, and then I have enough material for 6-8 game sessions… so now you know :]

Let’s shake hands


(see text in previous post) This creature is the Order it’s executioner. But it’s cclearly not the best man for the job :]  It failed to preform its task and got burnt by the escaping prisoners…revealing it’s true form.