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This character is another NPC from my current D&D campaign. Gaffel is a  member of the ‘Order of Order’; an organization that tries to remove wishing stones from society and tone down the chaos inflicted by those stones. But Gaffel himself is a first class bastard that fully abuses the fact that his father is a very influential member of the order. In this picture he is pleased to announce that he received a death warrant for the party and their current cellmates.


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This character is a NPC from my current D&D campaign. Bruutsk is a half-ogre that is the leader of the Flaming stallion gang. At the moment he’s locked up in a cell with the party & cuffed in magical chains that suppress his power.

Head Shots 3

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Mad Faust


This is another one of my D&D characters that I played for a year or two….let me tell you it bit about him :]

He was named Faust and was once a guardian of  the red clock tower. This magical tower  provided many benefits to the town it was build in. For example, the clock tower would provide meals to the townspeople at 8, 12 and 6 o clock.  Now since the red clock tower was so powerful and influential, it was a key location for the area; and thus it needed protection. The Red Guardians provided that protection and kept it save.

Well, that was until the tower got blown to bits by a magical storm. Too bad, and now the 1000 parts that made the clock tick had to be recovered and so the guardians set out to find the missing parts.

The individual parts were also highly magical and Faust has collected quite a few of them by now. He wears them as weapons and armor…and as you can see, his quest has eventually made him….mad.


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More Heads!


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Most of what I draw stays in my sketchbook and I don’t really know what to do with it.

…So I show it to you!

This is what I draw in a week or so, while watching a movie or playing D&D. …or sitting in the train :]

Don’t worry, it’s just Rot Grub.


I refined the image below some more. I guess it’s different now :]

Tetra & Calipso


We have arrived at the final chapter of our current D&D story… and we’re about to get slaughtered in another gruwsome way!

But this image is about some of the good times :]


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As I mentioned many times before…I play D&D on a regular basis; and this is a map that belongs to our most recent adventure! We started the adventure 01-2010 and will probably finish it in a few months. So that’s almost 2 years of playtime that you see above. I just felt like documenting all these good times, and a map seemed the perfect way to do it.

Our journey started on the top left corner of the map and we are now on the top right corner. We are basicly searching for a mysterious island that hasn’t been revealed yet. Once we found it, I will add it in the centre of the map to complete it.