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Random D&D mess

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I play D&D on a weekly basis. Sometimes we do heroic stuff, but most of the time our characters get caught up in some deadly random mess. This illustrates a typical night in town where one of my party-members was on a drugs trip and shot a barbarian in his leg. The barbarian took it like a man and went into a rage, amplifying his power by turning his arm into a flesh-axe. You know,.. a typical night in town.

Meet Hokus Spokus -my RPG character!


I’m working on some more style-tests for my next comic. And for the occasion I decided to draw my current D&D character. It’s a voodoo priest with quite a few nasty habits. For example in times of need he eats his own hands – and heals them later on so he can do it again. He’s also pretty evil minded but the he needs his do-good party-members for a higher purpose.. so they are still alive and well…sort of… :]



These are some characters that I made last week. They are intended for a ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ related website.