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Coffin Crushers Badguys

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My Portfolio artbook


I’ve worked on over 40 different projects in the last few years and lately I felt the need to collect all that work in a presentable way. So I made this very old-school  paper artbook!  Here’s an impression of the book and it’s contents:

The book contains 216 pages, and all projects have a short introduction and some comments. It contains comic work, animation work, concept art, game art, live-model drawings and roleplay art.

-PS. Sorry, it’s just one copy, so it’s not for sale!

Coffin Crushers Vampire Bike

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So, now Gang Up! is being finalized it’s time to move to the next project. This will be a comic called ‘Coffin Crushers!'(Vampires VS medival-Mechs).  In 2014 when I picked up this concept again, I just made a few initial illustrations. But when I came in contact with writer Brian Spinney, things shaped up quickly. The characters got a personality and the storyline began to develop. Now while Brian refines the storyline, I will be concentrating on a first scene.  But before I can actually start drawing pages I need to do some research and initial designs, such as this ‘vampire bike’ & the medival mechs. Here are some rough sketches.


Coffin Crushers Comic


‘Coffin Crushers’ is a concept that I came up with years ago, but I never found the time to work out the details. But here it is now! It’s all about ‘Robots VS Vampires’ :) This was the first image I did for the concept a while back.

And last weekend I finished the image below (which has been on hold for 6 months or so).