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Temple of Rain – a roleplay map


I recently made this map for a roleplay campaign. It’s part of a bigger story and there are 4-5 maps that go along with this one. I hope to be able to show you more of those soon!

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TempleofRain_RobinKeijzer copy

Here you can see the map in action!

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Here is the latest image I made for ‘ Coffin Crushers’ – it’s a map of the largest human city around! It has Stake Guns, Sunny Spot lights, a Holy Water Moat

& many many Crosses, so vampires be ware!

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RPG BOOK: Wireless Soul Transmission


I’ve been role-playing for many years now & I love to make maps! These maps were made for ‘Scribed Starlight Press’ who just released a new roleplay-game called; Wireless Soul Transmission – These maps are not intended for meticulous navigation, but instead the maps should inspire players to get creative with the environment.

Well, I had a lot of fun making these maps & I can’t wait to play this game with my friends :)

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Example 1

Example 2

Go to for more information on the game!


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Hey! These are some recent maps I made -and I felt like sharing them ;0

The top map is a game-board for the card-game ‘Gang Up!’. Just to explain a little more about that;  the city-blocks that have white boarders, is where you place your card stacks. The map itself shows ‘Crimetown’, the fictional city where the game takes place. And the buildings on the map refer to the characters & situations that are part of the game. I made the entire map out of shapes in PS.

The middle map is the floor-plan for a huge manga convention in the Netherlands, the ‘Abunai’. The convention takes place in a huge hotel and it’s a maze! So I updated a very basic map, to this one; using clear colors & icons to help the visitors navigate the hallways :) It’s also visually connected to a timetable that is printed on the backside.*

The map at the bottom is for the website of cosplay model ‘Azzy’, and the locations & feel of the map represent her interests.


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*=characters are by Yasmin Sheikh, Abunai logo by the Abunai design team.

RPG Maps

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For my last(mini)  D&D campaign I made several detailed maps. I mainly made these in ‘3D’ to prevent all kinds of delays during play, often comming from questions like:  What height was the ceiling again,… can I jump over that monster or not?’ Etc.

There are also 3 more maps that belong to this story, which I hope to combine with the story itself in a PDF.  If I ever find the time, I will try to finish that. But for now I felt like sharing these. enjoy!


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D&D/ Map of Titanos


So this is the world where my current D&D campaign takes place! The world is shaped by the corpses of mythical super creatures called Titanos, which are now turned to stone. My players spend most of their time in the eye of the Manticore and are now just returning from the White Desert. The climax of this story will take place in the super hot core of the Burning earth, a place of wild magic that is home to the beholders and other most dangerous monsters.

..and I also created a comic that follows a different story, but is set in the same world :)

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As I mentioned many times before…I play D&D on a regular basis; and this is a map that belongs to our most recent adventure! We started the adventure 01-2010 and will probably finish it in a few months. So that’s almost 2 years of playtime that you see above. I just felt like documenting all these good times, and a map seemed the perfect way to do it.

Our journey started on the top left corner of the map and we are now on the top right corner. We are basicly searching for a mysterious island that hasn’t been revealed yet. Once we found it, I will add it in the centre of the map to complete it.