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Takers – the cardgame


In the past I’ve made the art for ‘ Takers‘, a robbery-type-cardgame from Ankama. which was a really cool project to do.

I designed about 40 characters & made all kinds of additional art for the game like the box design, card layouts & the manual.

But that was 3 years ago…and  like with so many projects, it unfortunately never made it to the shops.

Well, at least I’m left with a lot of fun artwork. So here’s a short overview of the 4 gangs that appeard in this game :)


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Art by Robin Keijzer

Iceberg Interactive art


At the end of 2018 I made this promo-banner for Iceberg Interactive, a game publisher from the Netherlands.

It was a lot of fun, puzzling all those game-characters in that car :)

click image to enlarge


Copyright Iceberg Interactive & the respecive game creators. Shared & created with permission.
-art by Robin Keijzer

Art for Growing Stronger


A while back I made quite a few illustrations for the game ‘Growing Stronger’. These are a few of them. On top, some strory-illustrations, below some boss characters of the game.

Well, there’s nothing strange about this game, right? :)

click image to enlarge!

Growingstronger_Robin Keijzer

Moving Movie Parts

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Hey guys!

I made these illustrations a while back & felt like sharing them :) Each image consists of about 5-10 separate parts, so the scene can be animated. The image at the bottom shows that in more detail.

I made about 30 of  these  images in total, intended for 6 short movies.


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Hey! These are some recent maps I made -and I felt like sharing them ;0

The top map is a game-board for the card-game ‘Gang Up!’. Just to explain a little more about that;  the city-blocks that have white boarders, is where you place your card stacks. The map itself shows ‘Crimetown’, the fictional city where the game takes place. And the buildings on the map refer to the characters & situations that are part of the game. I made the entire map out of shapes in PS.

The middle map is the floor-plan for a huge manga convention in the Netherlands, the ‘Abunai’. The convention takes place in a huge hotel and it’s a maze! So I updated a very basic map, to this one; using clear colors & icons to help the visitors navigate the hallways :) It’s also visually connected to a timetable that is printed on the backside.*

The map at the bottom is for the website of cosplay model ‘Azzy’, and the locations & feel of the map represent her interests.


-click on the image to enlarge –

*=characters are by Yasmin Sheikh, Abunai logo by the Abunai design team.

My Portfolio artbook


I’ve worked on over 40 different projects in the last few years and lately I felt the need to collect all that work in a presentable way. So I made this very old-school  paper artbook!  Here’s an impression of the book and it’s contents:

The book contains 216 pages, and all projects have a short introduction and some comments. It contains comic work, animation work, concept art, game art, live-model drawings and roleplay art.

-PS. Sorry, it’s just one copy, so it’s not for sale!

Awesomenauts Yuri the Monkey!

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Together with Yasmin I made this illustration for the game ‘Awesomenauts’ (2012),  now it’s for sale as a print at ‘Cook & Becker’ :) Check out their website for details!

‘Gang Up!’ update

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Our cardgame  GangUp! is doing well!

The entire first printrun is almost sold out and we are currently prepearing an update of the game for a second print. We have tweaked our rules and cards a bit to create more interaction and fun during play. And we are also considering to add a couple of new cards to the game :) The game might even be upgraded to a deluxe version!

Here you can see an impression movie of the theme of the game:

This movie gives a detailed explanation of the game rules; you will be able to play the game once you have seen this :)

Vortex of Eternity

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These are some characters I made for a gamedeveloper in Thailand.



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Het Guys! Here’s a another game I worked on – this was back in in 2013. It’s just been oficially released and is (now) called ‘The biking Dead’.  It’s basically a game where you ride a bike and hope to survive till the end of the track. The art briefing was to put more then average quality in the game, but it had to be done with a limited buget (that’s a pretty much my standard briefing I must say). In this case I made the art for a first time-developer, who quit his job to start making games; which I thought was cool – so I was happy to be able to help.



So with the briefing in mind I developed a style for the game that had details in the characters & far backgrounds; because the characters would reappear everywhere & the backgrounds were tileable.  And the track would be kept simple; we eventually decided to use shillouettes because it’s very easy to build tracks with.  Below you see an example I made, where all elements are put together; the image below has aprox. the size of 6 screens. The paralaxing of foreground & background elements, while biking, should make the scene extra interesting & also help to indicte your speed. Initially my idea was to show that with special FX (see first image) but that proved to be to hard to implement.


So these were a few elements I made for the game. What you don’t see here are a lot of menu screens, 3 extra levels & an extra set of costumes for the characters; in the end I  worked for 20 days on the entire project.

As a freelance artis I’m also always involved at the very start of a project. So when I was done making the art, the game was further developed for about 2 more years. And so to me it’s always a bit of a surprise to see  how things change over time :) Well, here you can see the final result: