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The Characters of Gang Up!

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The last few months I have been busy illustrating 125 cards for our cardgame ‘GangUp!’ (see website here). As you can probably imagine, it was a lot of work. But  I had a great time doing so! Below I collected all 46 gangsters that appear in the game, enjoy!

click to see the larger image


PS. We will also release a GangUp! artbook that tells the backstories of these gangsters & shows them in full glory :)

Dragon Punch

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A while ago I made some art for the super cool cardgame: Dragon Punch! Do you like old school beat ‘m up games? Then check out this game!

Chaos Battle First Screens

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Hey!  I’ve been working on Chaos Battle for a really long time, making the art & doing animations, and now the game is nearly done! I really love how it all came together :) These are a few screens from the game, enjoy!


(The game is almost done and will probably be released around the end of 2015; keep up to date here.)

‘Gang UP!’ Kickstarter Relaunch


Hello! We just relaunched our KS for ‘Gang Up!’

Gang Up! is casual card game where you compete to become the ultimate crime lord! Recruit legendary gang members and commit crazy daring crimes. Use criminal influences and team up with other players to get ahead. And when they least expect it, backstab them to win the game!

Why are we doing this (again)? Well, Kickstarter was a way for us to figure out if people would like our game. And when we got the support of 168 backers within 30 days it was very clear to us that this game has to be made! Unfortunately we barely missed our goal last time, so we try again. We changed our campaign a bit, we lowered our financial goal, lowerd the price of the basic game & added more fun rewards to the pledge options!

It would of course be great to have your support for this project, if you like to know more; Read all about Gang Up! here! :) 

Looking back at 2014

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Another year has passed! And I was wondering again, where did all my time go? I tend to quickly overlook this, but I realized about half of my time was spend on freelance jobs, varing from book covers & illustrations to concept art/first impressions for games. The reason I overlook this, is simply because I’m not allow to show it or talk about it (yet)… This also explains the posting-gaps on my blog :)  Apart from that I’ve spend my year working 3 big projects;

1. Together with Paul I’ve been developeing the card game Gang Up! for which we also did a first kickstarter.

2. Together with Jeroen I starterd organizing monthly Sketch Sessions (which have a different themes & models each month). This was a big succes and we will continue with these sessions for at least another year!

3. And far from the public eye, I’ve been working many many hours on ‘Chaos Battle’, which was finally completed last month :) I did so together with Rob, Casper & Gert-Jan. (The game will prpobably be released halfway this year on steam!).

These are a few of the Chaos Battle characters as they appear in game. As you cas see they consists out of various body parts, which was required so I could also animate them. I hope to be able to show you some more art from the game later on.


Rapid Prototype Art: Torzig

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For a while now I’ve been working together with Michael Gray of ‘Midnight Tinkering’. Michael develops games for the OUYA console and occasionally asks me to make some art for him. I really enjoy working on these concept jobs, because it’s all about the idea and very little about producing ‘refined art’ (which would make little sense since because of the limited 3D capabilities of the OUYA). So It’s all about producing as many ideas as I can in a day. This  is very  efficient  for the inital stage of game-development & also very rewarding for me as an artsit :)

The enviorment image is not just an impression, but it’s  a collection of building-blocks, which can be used to build varied enviorments in game. The enemy characters below are set up as visual ‘family members’ rather then individuals, next to thet they also have similar shapes across those families because they share animation rigs.

References for this look were Zelda Windwaker & Nino Kuni.

These are some of the translations of this art, which were also produced very fast.

New Game Art

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a while ago I made this cover illustration for ‘Claustrophobia’ a very cool dungeon crawler game!




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Today I had fun animating this logo :)

Gang UP! Card Design

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GANG UP! Cover Poster

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