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Coffin Crushers Awkward Art Talk!

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I just did my first ever live-stream and talked about making Coffin Crushers ;) I had fun doing it, but I felt a bit awkward talking to a tablet! But thanks for watching & asking some questions, that made it very much worthwhile ;)

And for those of you who missed it; you can still see the recording here ( for a short while):



My Portfolio artbook


I’ve worked on over 40 different projects in the last few years and lately I felt the need to collect all that work in a presentable way. So I made this very old-school  paper artbook!  Here’s an impression of the book and it’s contents:

The book contains 216 pages, and all projects have a short introduction and some comments. It contains comic work, animation work, concept art, game art, live-model drawings and roleplay art.

-PS. Sorry, it’s just one copy, so it’s not for sale!

‘Gang UP!’ Kickstarter Relaunch


Hello! We just relaunched our KS for ‘Gang Up!’

Gang Up! is casual card game where you compete to become the ultimate crime lord! Recruit legendary gang members and commit crazy daring crimes. Use criminal influences and team up with other players to get ahead. And when they least expect it, backstab them to win the game!

Why are we doing this (again)? Well, Kickstarter was a way for us to figure out if people would like our game. And when we got the support of 168 backers within 30 days it was very clear to us that this game has to be made! Unfortunately we barely missed our goal last time, so we try again. We changed our campaign a bit, we lowered our financial goal, lowerd the price of the basic game & added more fun rewards to the pledge options!

It would of course be great to have your support for this project, if you like to know more; Read all about Gang Up! here! :) 

Looking back at 2014

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Another year has passed! And I was wondering again, where did all my time go? I tend to quickly overlook this, but I realized about half of my time was spend on freelance jobs, varing from book covers & illustrations to concept art/first impressions for games. The reason I overlook this, is simply because I’m not allow to show it or talk about it (yet)… This also explains the posting-gaps on my blog :)  Apart from that I’ve spend my year working 3 big projects;

1. Together with Paul I’ve been developeing the card game Gang Up! for which we also did a first kickstarter.

2. Together with Jeroen I starterd organizing monthly Sketch Sessions (which have a different themes & models each month). This was a big succes and we will continue with these sessions for at least another year!

3. And far from the public eye, I’ve been working many many hours on ‘Chaos Battle’, which was finally completed last month :) I did so together with Rob, Casper & Gert-Jan. (The game will prpobably be released halfway this year on steam!).

These are a few of the Chaos Battle characters as they appear in game. As you cas see they consists out of various body parts, which was required so I could also animate them. I hope to be able to show you some more art from the game later on.


Sketch Session 2.0

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Recently I started organizing a special figure drawing session in Breda, the Netherlands! :)

The ‘Sketch Session 2.0 is a model drawing session with an additional theme; and is specifically intended for ‘character artists’.

For example, for a medieval theme the model present would be posing with sword and shield. There will also be an expert present during the session, such as a sword fighting instructor , who explains for example where the shape of a sword and shield actually comes from. In other sessions , there are other experts , such as a pro – cosplayer with Geisha costumes , and reenactor with WWII elite soldier equipment, etc. So you will have a unique opportunity to learn about each topic you like to draw. And of course, this session is an excellent opportunity to see for your fellow artists work!

This is the link to the main page of the ‘Sketch Session 2.0’ ( there click on the ‘info ‘ button for full details ) . Are you interested? Then check the FB-page regularly and sign up for the next session (every 3rd saturday of the month)!

Until then !


Dungeon mini-artbook



Recently my roleplay related art was printed in this mini-artbook! It has 18 pages, and is filled with lots of sketches and several colored characters. You can order it here if you like:)

Strips2Go // New Dutch Comic Paper!

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I’m happy to announce that the first issue of STRIPS2GO is released!  It’s a brand new Dutch comic magazine that contains 72 pages of comics, manga, indie cartoons & more!

This issue also features the first part of my HD-comic ‘Splash VS Clean’, and it comes with a papercraft model of Clean! So if you are around a comicshop or bookstore, be sure to get one!  It’s only € 2,-  :0


For more news on STRIPS2GO, go to Or if you like to join all the contests, or want to join the community you can sign up here:

Fairytale Fights Cinderella

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This is Fairytale Fights fanart made by WhiteLoonatic. Although ‘fanart’ is probably not really the right word for it. Cinderella is a character that we never used in Fairytale Fights because we couldn’t place her in the story. But looking at this artwork suddenly makes me realize that she could have easily been a main character. Making her glass shoes razor sharp fits the game perfectly, but also the style and design are spot on :) I really love this image! Thanks for showing this to me WhiteLoonatic!

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Last year I worked on BattleBand, a game for Ipad and Iphone. You can read some more about it here :)


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You already seen it, but here now you see it again in a confusing order!