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Old stuff

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This  is an old illustration of mine that still makes me smile when I see it :] I made it around 2005  and back then I was a big fan of JTHM by Jhonen Vasquez, and his work obviously inspired me.  I remember that I painted the picture by hand and combined it later in PS with a picture that I took of that frame. I sold the image as posters back then… Yeah I sold about 5  posters, those were the days :] 




What you see below is part of the artwork that I’ve been preparing for the upcoming comic convention in Haarlem. You will be able to see it in the streets of Haarlem during this weekend. For now the expo focuses on my characters. But next time I’ll expand this poster series with posters for my illustrations, background designs and game work :] 

Oh, I’ll also be doing my digital painting talk again; 02-06-2012,  12:00 in the ‘small room’ of the Philharmonie, Haarlem. Come and see me if you’re going to the convention!

Are you reading this and have you seen this work in Haarlem? Then let me know what you thought of it! :D

Pictoplasma Berlin 2012

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I just returned from a 7 day trip to the Pictoplasma festival in Berlin and I’m fully refueled with inspiration and motivation! It was great :]



I’ll be doing my first ‘digital painting’- demo at a comic convention in my hometown Kampen. I’ll try recording it to show you how it went. And if it all works out I’ll probably do it more often too :]

This is the promo poster (looks familiar huh? :])

My art on!

Add a comment, I love that site! And even more since today, for they did an article on my work!  My mom can be proud now! :]

(Thanks Hamza & Liam!)

Artbook 05



Recently several of my illustrations have become part of the amazing ‘Artbook 05’.  This artbook shows some amazing art made by the forum dwellers of the french artforum ‘cafe sale’.

I only discovered this forum last year when I tried to track down some of my art-heroes. For me this forum is  a great replacement for the former ‘eatpoo’ artforum, which was a great forum but sadly disappeared from the radar one day. Anyway, go take a look for yourself and if you like what you see there you certainly should buy the artbook :]

My GameCowboys Column


//A column about my thoughts on games & art//Article overview


The dutch game website ‘Game cowboys’ recently gave me a spot where they allow me to talk about ‘games & art’ once in a while (thanks for that!).  So last month I wondered about ‘why do people make fan-art?’ and this month I give my thoughts on the preconception that all game- artist are, or should be  3D-artists; a believe that haunted me for years… Maybe I have a narrow view on things, or maybe you agree with me? Well one way or the other, it would be cool if you let me know what you think  :]


Is making games fun?  Well,..  In my experience making games feels like stepping on to an amazing roller coaster ride.  And with all it’s ups and downs it definitely makes you scream from  joy… and fear :]  Read more about it here.


Did you ever realize that game makers actually read your comments on their game? Well, they most likely do, especially after the show their game for the first time @ big conventions. But what will they do with your ‘feedback’ once the read it..? Read more about it here.

Team-Up Attack!

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Ohhh, we didn’t really team up to fight evil. But we do work together a lot on various illustration projects, so that deserved some special attention. Yasmin (aka Nerderella) came up with this cool combi-logo. Squids and skulls, Awesome!

Pictoplasma Berlin 2011


This was the second time I went to the  ‘Pictoplasma‘ festival in Berlin and it was once again a great trip! It’s a 4 day festival filled with exhibitions, lectures, screenings, parties & performances; and it’s all about characters and art. It’s a pretty dense programme that really gets you high on inspiration. But before I put all that inspiration to good use, I quickly want to share few things that stood out for me there:

 At one of the screenings we saw ‘The External World’, a really bizar & awesome movie. It’s made by David OReilly, who told us that he found the script in a trash-bin and later on outsourced all the creative thinking to China… that explains a lot :]

 The Lecture of Ryan Quincy; animation director of Southpark, was great. He really got our attention by doing his whole lecture in a  monster-suit. He also showed us a new series he is working on, it really looked promising!

 I attended Matt Jones workshop who guided us through the process of making resin toys. We got some hands on experience and now I’m now ready to cast my own!

 The last lecture at the festival was from Keita Takahashi; the creator of the  Katamari games. At the end of the lecture he told us that  he switched careers from being game director at Namco to becoming a freelance artist. He did so to be able to do exactly what he liked. -That really got my attention, since that was roughly what I did last year. I was also able to finally shake hands with him, after I missed him before at the Dutch Game Award Show. There he presented the awards; and one of them went to Fairytale Fights. He told me that he remembered the game, so that was cool to hear!


Well, that covers one side of the story. The other thing that I really enjoyed was being there with a couple of fellow dutch comic artists. We spend most of our days there together and during that time we also made a few comics, just for fun. We did this during lunch, dinner and the subway- and train rides. So it all came out a bit rough and shaky :]

The basic idea was that someone would draw a few lines on a paper (picture frames), so we would have an empty comic page. Then each of us would  draw a picture at  a random location on the page. The challenge was connect the pictures and make a working story out of it. It was really fun to do and surprisingly, some stories actually made some sense in a weird way.

 Here are two examples of what we made that week:


The comic art was done by Yasmin Sheikh, Maaike Hartjes, Robert Pieschel, Edith Kuyvenhoven and myself. Also, Yasmin and Maaike both made a cool diary-comic from this trip, that you can soon find at their blogs. So if you like to know more about this trip, you can best go there.

Now I feel like doing some good with all that inspiration I got!

Comic convention gallery


My work is now part of a traveling gallery that can be seen at several dutch comic conventions :]