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As I mentioned many times before…I play D&D on a regular basis; and this is a map that belongs to our most recent adventure! We started the adventure 01-2010 and will probably finish it in a few months. So that’s almost 2 years of playtime that you see above. I just felt like documenting all these good times, and a map seemed the perfect way to do it.

Our journey started on the top left corner of the map and we are now on the top right corner. We are basicly searching for a mysterious island that hasn’t been revealed yet. Once we found it, I will add it in the centre of the map to complete it.

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4 Responses to “D&D ADVENTURE MAP”

  1. Harold Cuppernell

    Hey there! I’ve just stopped by to say thanks for this awesome website! Keep going that way.

  2. Robin

    Thanks Harold!

  3. André

    You’re so much of a inspiration haha
    I’m playing RPG for the first time and some friends asked me to, try to draw some scenes from the campaign. So i must say you are the biggest inspiration for that!
    Thank you!
    And please don’t stop being epic (and creative)!

  4. Robin

    Thank you so much Andre! :D I’ll do my best to make & share more rolpelay art!