Making ‘Rebirth’


This weekend I joined the Global Gamejam in Breda, the Netherlands.  Together with 5 other game developers we took on the challenge to make a game in 48 hours.  And the result of this joyful struggle has become ‘Rebirth’!

‘Rebirth is a single-multiplayer game in which you have to work together with yourself to save a dying forest spirit. You yourself have no problem in dying as each time you die you are reborn and can work together with all you previous lives to puzzle your way towards the forest spirit.’ 

The movie below shows the game and explains the puzzle mechanics.

Now 48 hours, that’s not a lot of time to make a game. Especially if you consider that you also need to sleep during that time and that you sometimes need to wait for other team members before you can continue. So you need something of a plan to get the most out of the 48 hours.

My initial step in the plan was to make something minimalistic, so I could assure some quality. But soon enough it turned out that that wouldn’t fit our game concept, so I choose to go with my ‘speedpaint’- techniques to create the art for the game. It wouldn’t be refined, but it allowed me to add a friendly-spooky feeling to the concept. Now to give you a better idea of the next steps in the process I made this overview of my approach :]

(Click on the images to enlarge them!)

Final version can be seen here!

PLAY THE GAME! (click to download ZIP)

And here you can see some refinements I made to the art in the week after the GGJ.

(Kim, Luc, Ard,Matthijs; Thanks for the uploads!)

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7 Responses to “Making ‘Rebirth’”

  1. Gerrit Willemse

    Impressive work, to all involved!

  2. Luc Bloom

    Robin, thanks again for making the best game art available on the Game Jam site!

  3. yasmin

    Ik vind dat beesje GOOR maar de fatty blokjes zijn leuk.
    het beestje lijkt op een onaf baby beest van iets, en hij lijkt van jelly.

    Maar je bent nog steeds leuk hoor!

  4. Robin

    Thanks Guys! And Yasmin, I’ll take that as a compliment, knowing it comes from you :D

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  6. Rob van der Sloot

    I really love the style of the game. It has a very unique look to it. And once again Robin, you show your talent for great combinations of bright colours.

  7. Robin

    Thanks Rob! :]