Fairytale Fights 2


For all Fairytale Fights fans who like to see a bit more of the game; the movie below shows the last level that was made for Fairytale Fights!  It wasn’t fully finished though, because it was canceled before we could do the final tweaks. But I believe it still works very well  :]

Now this movie was recently recorded by Rob van der Sloot, who was the first level designer on Fairytale Fights. The cool thing is; during the movie Rob tells us a bit about how this level came to be  and shows us how it was prototyped.

And this is another one of Robs movies, where he shows us a couple of unreleased pvp levels. These were definitely the more interesting ones; especially the X-mas level was fun :]

These movies are both part of Rob’s level design portfolio which can be found on his personal website.  And there is much more, go check it out! :]

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7 Responses to “Fairytale Fights 2”

  1. Rob van der Sloot

    Yep, these things sure bring back memories. I still have the entire game + the editor on file. So if there is ever something you’d like to record for your own website, just let me know. By the way, be sure to also check the game I’m working on right now in my Game Design section. A classic point and click adventure game.

  2. Gerrit Willemse

    nice to see again… way the go Rob! :D

  3. Robin

    That point n click adventure looks fun Rob! :]

  4. Rob van der Sloot

    Thanks! I remember discussing the adventure a while ago with you, while we were working on Super Mighty Fortress with Sjoerd. I’m currently working on setting up the basic narrative for the adventure, and creating most of the world, before going into the actual puzzles and additional art. A lot of the really important features are already working, but I’ll eventually also have to start working on the alternate graphics (the switching, like in Monkey Island special edition). So if you’re interested in helping out with the backgrounds, just drop me a line.

  5. Robin

    Cool! I’m pretty busy, but it sounds like fun. So let’s give it a try! Ik bel je binnenkort wel even :]

  6. Jeter

    so sad that there wont be another fairytale fights or any expansion pack I really love this game!

  7. Robin

    Thanks Jeter! It’s always nice to hear that someone likes the game :]

    Oh and there were some fun pvp & character-expansion packs available for a while… did you see those?