Mad Faust


This is another one of my D&D characters that I played for a year or two….let me tell you it bit about him :]

He was named Faust and was once a guardian of  the red clock tower. This magical tower  provided many benefits to the town it was build in. For example, the clock tower would provide meals to the townspeople at 8, 12 and 6 o clock.  Now since the red clock tower was so powerful and influential, it was a key location for the area; and thus it needed protection. The Red Guardians provided that protection and kept it save.

Well, that was until the tower got blown to bits by a magical storm. Too bad, and now the 1000 parts that made the clock tick had to be recovered and so the guardians set out to find the missing parts.

The individual parts were also highly magical and Faust has collected quite a few of them by now. He wears them as weapons and armor…and as you can see, his quest has eventually made him….mad.

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3 Responses to “Mad Faust”

  1. janko

    very interesting character!

  2. Robin

    Thanks! It was an interesing character to play too. He had lot’s of weird ‘old man’quirks :]

  3. Gerrit

    Digging the clock-work armor! nice idea!