Let’s shake hands


(see text in previous post) This creature is the Order it’s executioner. But it’s cclearly not the best man for the job :]  It failed to preform its task and got burnt by the escaping prisoners…revealing it’s true form.

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3 Responses to “Let’s shake hands”

  1. jeroen

    Nice, zijn linkervoet behoeft misschien nog wat aandacht.

  2. Adrien

    Hi Robin!
    Lot’s of new character design on your blog.
    Your work and particularly your colour are wonderful.
    Are you preparing a new comic?
    What about a new Robin Keijzer art-book?
    I’m fond of your universe!
    Keep on drawing!!!

  3. Robin

    Thanks for compliment Adrien!

    Most of the characters you see on the blog are from a D&D story I play. But since the story takes place in the same universe as my latest comic- there’s a good chance that they reappear there. And that comic is about to be finished (…although I keep tweaking it all the time :])

    I also love to make a new artbook, but I’m not sure if I have enough content for it :]

    And I promise I’ll keep drawing as long as you do! I like your work too :]

    @ Jeroen

    Thanks! en die voetjes verdienen idd meer aandacht :]