D&D/ Map of Titanos


So this is the world where my current D&D campaign takes place! The world is shaped by the corpses of mythical super creatures called Titanos, which are now turned to stone. My players spend most of their time in the eye of the Manticore and are now just returning from the White Desert. The climax of this story will take place in the super hot core of the Burning earth, a place of wild magic that is home to the beholders and other most dangerous monsters.

..and I also created a comic that follows a different story, but is set in the same world :)

 – click image to enlarge-

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3 Responses to “D&D/ Map of Titanos”

  1. Pinal & Tlaloc at

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  2. Daniel Meyers

    can i yous your map in my English assignment?

  3. Robin

    Yes you can :)