Pinal & Tlaloc

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Pinal is a D&D character played by Robert.
Pinal is a military man from the legendary golden city in ‘the Black’. . He is sent on a mission to retrieve 12 escaped ‘sacrifices’, in order to secure the future for his people. But this mission is like looking for a needle in a haystack. So when the opportunity presents itself, Pinal uses some powerful magic to get his bearings. And so after numerous adventures Pinal finally finds his sacrifices; but then they turn out to be the lost relatives of a party member. Pinal, being a man that follows orders, does what he must do and makes the sacrifices himself. The party is confused about what to do, but eventually they are forced to kill their former friend. At the end of this slaughter Pinal is buried under a huge rock – and Tlaloc, his loyal dog, now watches over him. Till the end of his days.

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