Linkin Park Recharge Artwork


These are the first designs I made for the ‘Linkin Park recharge’ game. Back then the game was still in it’s concept phase, and the first idea was to have ‘music and sound’ as some addictive drug in the world. So that explains the mesmorized zombies below On the other hand there were  the creepy agents and  the soundbots with their huge speakers.  The player would have a sound-gun. When the game concept changed, these designs became obsolete – although much of it’s atmosphere in these images was kept.

Like it? Then check out the game at! It’s a fun game, and you will be supporting a good cause by playing it, so give it a try! :)


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2 Responses to “Linkin Park Recharge Artwork”

  1. Gerrit Willemse

    really liking these!

  2. Robin

    Thanks Gerrit! These are old by now, but I also still like them :)