Sketch Session 2.0

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Recently I started organizing a special figure drawing session in Breda, the Netherlands! :)

The ‘Sketch Session 2.0 is a model drawing session with an additional theme; and is specifically intended for ‘character artists’.

For example, for a medieval theme the model present would be posing with sword and shield. There will also be an expert present during the session, such as a sword fighting instructor , who explains for example where the shape of a sword and shield actually comes from. In other sessions , there are other experts , such as a pro – cosplayer with Geisha costumes , and reenactor with WWII elite soldier equipment, etc. So you will have a unique opportunity to learn about each topic you like to draw. And of course, this session is an excellent opportunity to see for your fellow artists work!

This is the link to the main page of the ‘Sketch Session 2.0’ ( there click on the ‘info ‘ button for full details ) . Are you interested? Then check the FB-page regularly and sign up for the next session (every 3rd saturday of the month)!

Until then !


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