Coffin Crushers Comic


‘Coffin Crushers’ is a concept that I came up with years ago, but I never found the time to work out the details. But here it is now! It’s all about ‘Robots VS Vampires’ :) This was the first image I did for the concept a while back.

And last weekend I finished the image below (which has been on hold for 6 months or so).


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2 Responses to “Coffin Crushers Comic”

  1. Adrien

    Hi Robin! I love this idea of a comic with vampires vs bots with your dynamic style. Very nice pictures!!
    If the project succed i ‘ll be your first backer! I hope you’ll published an artbook cause your work is fantastic.

    Kindest regards from France.

  2. Robin

    Thank you so much for you comment Adrien! I really appriciate it, and I also hope to finish this comic, the artbook and many other projects soon :)

    kind regards