As the art Director of Fairytale Fights I had the opportunity to work with many talented artists. Now what you may know of them is that as a team they have created Fairytale Fights, but what about their individual work?  Some artist have made great and very different works in their free time, before or after working on Fairytale Fights. Now to give you an idea of how divers these artist are, I decided to collect as many links as I could find to the artists personal websites.

The list contains all the artist that have worked at one time on Fairytale Fights, at Playlogics game-studio in Breda, the Netherlands. The list contains various disciplines and levels of expertise, ranging from interns to senior artists. Well, go check it out!

Paul van der Meer, Gerrit Willemse ,Verena Gefferie, Yasmin Sheikh , Bang Phan, Dick Grinwis, Pascal Brander , Hans Zantman , Jeroen Backx, Jack Hageraats, Lorenzo Bahadur, Bastiaan ten Berge, Niels van Wieringen, Mark Verkerk , Aro Schmitz, Timo Visser, Bart Willem Van Lith, Martijn Willemse, Chris McEntee, Robin Brockötter, Mike Ptacek, Peter Van Dranen, Adrian Banninga, Jesper Monteny, Marcello Gomez Maureira, Vincent Bonefaas, David Kliszewski, Frank Post , Robin Gielis, Jurgen da Silva, Alexandra Mores, André Van Rooijen, Marco Fritzshe, Toni Seifert, Dennis Griesheimer, Lennart Hillen , Julian Fries, Mathijs Nahon, Oskar Janssen, Pepijn Rijnders, Ronny Franken and Ron Kamphuis.

And in addition I like to mention some gameplay developers too, for their sites aslo contain additional Fairytale Fights visuals; Peter Deurloo, Raphael Gilot .

And one more, this one is from Gijs de Jong. He is maybe the only artist from Playlogic that hasn’t worked on Fairytale Fights, but was instead busy creating awsome models for Eyepet.  But I just have to mention him because Gijs has a great portfolio, so check it out!!

Oh, and guys (and girls), it was really great working with all of you!!

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  1. Paul van der Meer

    Nice list. And thanks…it was a lot of fun working with you too.

  2. Robin

    :] Thanks!

  3. Tjien

    Awesome list! I believe some more people have websites by now :) Keep up the good stuff, every piece of work I spot here is really nice ^_^

  4. Gerrit Willemse

    Nice! what Paul said :)

  5. Robin

    No problem. If anyone has created a new site, please let me know, then I’ll update the list :]


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