Fairytale Fights!

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Fairytale Fights is a project close to my heart! I love creating compelling fantasy worlds, and this project gave me every opportunity to do so. I was involved from day one, as co-creator of the concept & story. I also produced the initial concept art and later on lead a team of over 30 artist as being the art director of the project. I also did a video interview for Electric Playground that gives a nice overview of our creation process; you can watch it here. In 2010 ‘Fairytale Fights’ also won the dutch game award for best visual design.
If you want to get a quick impression Fairytale Fights, then check out the trailer:
This movie gives an overview of the game; wich should also give you a fair impression my artistic involvement in the game:
While I was still developing the initial concept I made the illustrations you see below. The basic idea was to integrate books and paper in the world, to give the world a strong and unique connection to Fairy Tales. The idea stayed throughout the project, but as you see in the movies, the style became even more abstract &stylistic.

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