‘Gang UP!’ Kickstarter Relaunch


Hello! We just relaunched our KS for ‘Gang Up!’

Gang Up! is casual card game where you compete to become the ultimate crime lord! Recruit legendary gang members and commit crazy daring crimes. Use criminal influences and team up with other players to get ahead. And when they least expect it, backstab them to win the game!

Why are we doing this (again)? Well, Kickstarter was a way for us to figure out if people would like our game. And when we got the support of 168 backers within 30 days it was very clear to us that this game has to be made! Unfortunately we barely missed our goal last time, so we try again. We changed our campaign a bit, we lowered our financial goal, lowerd the price of the basic game & added more fun rewards to the pledge options!

It would of course be great to have your support for this project, if you like to know more; Read all about Gang Up! here! :) 

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2 Responses to “‘Gang UP!’ Kickstarter Relaunch”

  1. adham

    hey i missed out on the kickstarter but want ur game, what do i do?

  2. Robin

    Hey! Please check out the Gang Up! site for details: https://gangupcardgame.wordpress.com/ :)