Rapid Prototype Art: Torzig

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For a while now I’ve been working together with Michael Gray of ‘Midnight Tinkering’. Michael develops games for the OUYA console and occasionally asks me to make some art for him. I really enjoy working on these concept jobs, because it’s all about the idea and very little about producing ‘refined art’ (which would make little sense since because of the limited 3D capabilities of the OUYA). So It’s all about producing as many ideas as I can in a day. This  is very  efficient  for the inital stage of game-development & also very rewarding for me as an artsit :)

The enviorment image is not just an impression, but it’s  a collection of building-blocks, which can be used to build varied enviorments in game. The enemy characters below are set up as visual ‘family members’ rather then individuals, next to thet they also have similar shapes across those families because they share animation rigs.

References for this look were Zelda Windwaker & Nino Kuni.

These are some of the translations of this art, which were also produced very fast.

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