Looking back at 2014

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Another year has passed! And I was wondering again, where did all my time go? I tend to quickly overlook this, but I realized about half of my time was spend on freelance jobs, varing from book covers & illustrations to concept art/first impressions for games. The reason I overlook this, is simply because I’m not allow to show it or talk about it (yet)… This also explains the posting-gaps on my blog :)  Apart from that I’ve spend my year working 3 big projects;

1. Together with Paul I’ve been developeing the card game Gang Up! for which we also did a first kickstarter.

2. Together with Jeroen I starterd organizing monthly Sketch Sessions (which have a different themes & models each month). This was a big succes and we will continue with these sessions for at least another year!

3. And far from the public eye, I’ve been working many many hours on ‘Chaos Battle’, which was finally completed last month :) I did so together with Rob, Casper & Gert-Jan. (The game will prpobably be released halfway this year on steam!).

These are a few of the Chaos Battle characters as they appear in game. As you cas see they consists out of various body parts, which was required so I could also animate them. I hope to be able to show you some more art from the game later on.


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