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Het Guys! Here’s a another game I worked on – this was back in in 2013. It’s just been oficially released and is (now) called ‘The biking Dead’.  It’s basically a game where you ride a bike and hope to survive till the end of the track. The art briefing was to put more then average quality in the game, but it had to be done with a limited buget (that’s a pretty much my standard briefing I must say). In this case I made the art for a first time-developer, who quit his job to start making games; which I thought was cool – so I was happy to be able to help.



So with the briefing in mind I developed a style for the game that had details in the characters & far backgrounds; because the characters would reappear everywhere & the backgrounds were tileable.  And the track would be kept simple; we eventually decided to use shillouettes because it’s very easy to build tracks with.  Below you see an example I made, where all elements are put together; the image below has aprox. the size of 6 screens. The paralaxing of foreground & background elements, while biking, should make the scene extra interesting & also help to indicte your speed. Initially my idea was to show that with special FX (see first image) but that proved to be to hard to implement.


So these were a few elements I made for the game. What you don’t see here are a lot of menu screens, 3 extra levels & an extra set of costumes for the characters; in the end I  worked for 20 days on the entire project.

As a freelance artis I’m also always involved at the very start of a project. So when I was done making the art, the game was further developed for about 2 more years. And so to me it’s always a bit of a surprise to see  how things change over time :) Well, here you can see the final result:


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