Fairytale Fights DLC -The last level

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Today I noticed that a former colleague of Playlogic has uploaded a showreel that shows the last -and never released levels- that we made for Fairytale Fights. (Thanks for sharing this Laurens!)

Now the first half (till 2.58) is a DLC level shows our adaptation of the fairytale of the Icequeen. The idea was that she had reappeared in The fairytale world after the player broke the mirror that kept her locked up. (This mirror, is the one that you see at the character select menu). Now she’s angry and has instantly frozen the entire world. This resulted in many interesting scenes. Lots of characters were frozen in strange poses…such as for example a giant that just peed against a village. Later on the player would cross the village by walking on a bridge of …pee. Yup. A bit further you would continue through a frozen wave; a dark place lit by glowing fish. And eventually you would end up at the Icequeen her palace. The creatures you mainly encounter are boogymen, made out of ink. They are the helpers of the queen and constantly collect frozen people for the queens epic bowling lane.

Well, this was about the last thing I worked on as an art director before I left the studio. I’m glad we can at least see it now. Too bad it will never be released.

Oh, about the rest of the movie. I wasn’t involved in what you see after 2.57; what you see first an experimental level build to generate cool gameplay idea’s and the second thing is a spinn-off game of Fairytale Fights. I believe the goal was to jump out of a plane and avoid hazards while falling, in order to eventually land on the ground…. a parachute game.

Oh, and talking about the ice level…Another colleague, Lorenzo, also recently updated his portfolio to which he added a nice image of the Icequeen.

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