Every week, me and my girlfriend do a little art-challenge. Last week the goal was two draw two comic-book heroes that interact with each other.

So I drew Guts, from the manga ‘Berserk’ who fights Naruto. I wanted to put a lot of their character and special abilities in the drawing, so I choose to have guts slashing (Yeh, that is about what he does!) Naruto’s shadow dopplegangers, who just tried to conjure the rasigan.

(Click to enlarge)

Wanna know what my girlfriend made? Check out her ‘Chubby Tentacle’ blog !

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7 Responses to “GUTS VS NARUTO”

  1. Yasmin

    FUCKING NICE! Love the new colour scheme :D

  2. Gerrit Willemse

    YEAH! that’s what I like to see!.. KILL NARUTO!!! mutiple times!!! >:D

  3. Roy Heuer

    I’ve lol-ed about Gerrit :-D

  4. Martijn "TVGH" Willemse

    I just stumbled on this one, as afan of the berserk series i must say huzzah!

    but we all have to agree that his sword ISNT BIG ENOUGH!!1! ;)

  5. Robin

    True! And that can only be known by the coolest Berserk fans :]

  6. LoneNecromancer

    This may just be the greatest Berserk fanart ever made.

  7. Robin

    Thanks! :] And I do love the series!