November 19th 2010 ‘Fairytale Fights’ won the dutch game award for best visual design!

‘What really??’  That’s so cool! But I must say to me this came to me as a bit of a surprise…The game was released almost a year ago now and not too long ago the company behind it went bankrupt. I myself resigned just two months before that happened and I’m already knee deep in new projects again.  So Fairytale Fights had drifted somewhat to the back of my mind… But non the less, as I was the art director of Fairytale Fights I can only see this as a huge compliment for all the work we did. In fact I find it awesomely awesome! So thanks for this cool award!  And let me also congratulate not only the whole art team, but everybody who worked so hard on this project to get it out there. So, congratulations everybody!

PS. We also won an award for Best Audio Design!

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  1. Gerrit Willemse

    Game looks pretty good so well deserved, did you get the award?

  2. Robin

    No it’s not for me, it’s a team award :] Martin represented the team during the award show and keeps award safe for now. But it’s not about the plastic statue, it’s about the thought that counts right? And we can all share that :]

  3. Gerrit Willemse

    Well ofcourse it’s a team effort, ‘was just wondering if you received the award on behalf of the team… as the creator of this style and art-director you would’ve been the right person to have “kept it safe for now” imho ;)

  4. Roy Heuer

    Gratzzz peeps.
    I smiled reading this item.
    You earned it big time. CHEER