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The dutch game website ‘Game cowboys’ recently gave me a spot where they allow me to talk about ‘games & art’ once in a while (thanks for that!).  So last month I wondered about ‘why do people make fan-art?’ and this month I give my thoughts on the preconception that all game- artist are, or should be  3D-artists; a believe that haunted me for years… Maybe I have a narrow view on things, or maybe you agree with me? Well one way or the other, it would be cool if you let me know what you think  :]


Is making games fun?  Well,..  In my experience making games feels like stepping on to an amazing roller coaster ride.  And with all it’s ups and downs it definitely makes you scream from  joy… and fear :]  Read more about it here.


Did you ever realize that game makers actually read your comments on their game? Well, they most likely do, especially after the show their game for the first time @ big conventions. But what will they do with your ‘feedback’ once the read it..? Read more about it here.

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5 Responses to “My GameCowboys Column”

  1. Gerrit Willemse

    very nice article!

  2. Robin

    Thanks again Gerrit! Do you have any suggestions for next month ? :]

  3. Gerrit Willemse

    the different steps in concept art…from style developement – to – final modelsheets or something? :)

  4. Robin

    Sounds like a good subject; now I only have to find a good (personal) story to stick to it :]

    But I’ll put it on my list of subjects for sure, thanks!

  5. Gerrit Willemse

    well.. you did it with FF! (along with a lot of the game design)
    You set the style and managed the whole concept art process up to the modelsheets, including the story boards and level designs! :)