Artbook 05



Recently several of my illustrations have become part of the amazing ‘Artbook 05’.  This artbook shows some amazing art made by the forum dwellers of the french artforum ‘cafe sale’.

I only discovered this forum last year when I tried to track down some of my art-heroes. For me this forum is  a great replacement for the former ‘eatpoo’ artforum, which was a great forum but sadly disappeared from the radar one day. Anyway, go take a look for yourself and if you like what you see there you certainly should buy the artbook :]

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2 Responses to “Artbook 05”

  1. Alejandro Dini

    Hey, congratulations!
    I didn’t know this website. Looks good, I might join it too to stay in touch with european illustrators.

  2. Robin

    Yes, it is a great -and well designed- website! It has been very usefull to me :]