Are you available?
I hope so!

My availability depends on my agenda & the amount of time it takes me to complete your assignment. To figure this out I would first need  your briefing on the job.

I’m most likely not available this week, so please contact me 2 or more weeks before you like to start.


What needs to be in my briefing?

Your briefing should include:

  • The number of illustrations you like to have of each kind (e.g. 10 character designs)
  • The visual style & level of detail for those illustrations, accompanied with reference material (also if you refer to my own work).
  • Purpose of the work ( e.g. bookcover, game impression, storyboard etc.)
  • Your buget for those illustrations (if limited, this determines in a way the quality or required approach).
  • Your prefered deadline/timeframe.

With the briefing I can asses the workload & my availability. Please note; if discussing an assignment takes long, my availability might change in the meanwhile.


Do you require more information?

Yes, eventually I will need your complete (company) details, including VAT number.

Additional project information that is not relevant to illustration work, is not required (such as: complete game design, back stories, publishing plans, company resume etc.).


What will it cost me?

I work with a fixed daily rate (+ VAT) and depending on the details of your assignment I can do more or less in a day. If your briefing is clear, I can  make an accurate time & price estimate for you. (My price only based on the specified amount of work; not on it’s purpose of the work, or the size of your company, etc.)


Do you provide a contract?

Yes. Your assignment will be documented in a formal agreement/quote, specifying all details & granting you the required copyrights on the work I make for you. This document will also specify my  terms & conditions; once signed, we are good to go!


Will you sign my NDA?

Yes. Although my agreement already guarantees that I will not show any of the work I made before the product it’s for, is released.


How do I pay you?

Normally in euros via bank account, or PayPal, within 14 days after the completion of the assignment. Payment upfront, or at more intervals, is only required for long or spread-out assignments.


How will I be involved in the creation process?

I normally work according the following procedure (steps 2-4  will be merged if it’s a short assignment).

  • 1.  We discuss & pin down the job description for your assignment; so we can clearly agree on what I will create.
  • 2.  To start, I will create 1 ‘bench mark’ illustration. If you approve, that illustration will represent the level of quality for all other illustration work.
  • 3.  Next I will make sketches for all remaining illustrations. I will deliver all sketches at once & you can provide me with feedback on those sketches.
  • 4.  Next I will now finish the illustrations based on the submitted sketches & your feedback.
  • 5.  I will deliver all finished illustrations at once.
  • 6.  You can provide me with feedback once more & I will make final adjustments to the illustrations.

Where did you work again?

I work at my studio in Breda, the Netherlands; where I am generally accompanied by colleagues and interns. And from this studio I work for clients all over the world.


I hope this answered some of your initial questions :)