I’ve worked on many games by now; mostly as an  artist, but also as the creator, game designer, animator or writer. The legend should help you to get an idea of my involvement on each project!

This is just a limited overview of projects I worked on; if you’re interested, my resume shows a more complete list. If you like to see more project related work, then please scroll through my blog… or play the game :)


Gang Up! is a maffia themed card game that I developed together with Paul van der Meer. The game was a succes on Kickstarter and has now multiple publishers; I was involved in all aspects of the creation, ranging from making movie-assets, to doing gameplay test sessions and promoting the game at international conventions. I also made about 150 unique illustrations (in total this project took about 6 months of full-time work). Read more about the game here.







 Copyrights belong to their respective owners – Developed by Robin keijzer & Paul van der Meer.




I love creating compelling fantasy worlds, and this project gave me every opportunity to do so. I was the co-creator of this project, made the initial concept art & eventually became the art director and lead a team of 30 artist. After working for over 3 years on this project, ‘Fairytale Fights’ won the dutch game award for best visual design in 2010.













Copyrights belong to their respective owners – Developed by Playlogic, PS3, XBOX 360, 2009.



For ‘Chaos Battle’ I developed the visual style and made all art assets, including; backgrounds, characters, logo’s, weapons, FX, HUD & menu elements. I  also did most of the animation, and was involved in the gameplay & testing as well (in total this project took about 3 months of full-time work).



Copyrights belong to their respective owners – Developed by DoubleDutch Games – game release was canceled due to the immense success of Double Dutch first game, Speedrunners.



Together with Yasmin Sheikh, I detailed the in-game characters so they could be used for the ‘Character selection menu’. Next we made an adjustable marketing illustration, that is still being used for the ‘Awesomenauts’ box-covers & promotion material.



Copyrights belong to their respective owners – Developed by Ronimo 2012- this game had multiple releases, PS3, PS4, Xbox360, XboxOne, check out the website!




For this ‘The Biking Dead’ I developed the visual style made all the art assets; ranging from menu elements, to backgrounds and body parts; as the zombie-bikers fall apart when they crash in game (making the art took about 20 days of work). All art assets were separate modular objects, so they could be used to build levels from.



the track would be kept simple; we eventually decided to use shillouettes because it’s very easy to build tracks with.

Below you see an example I made, where all elements are put together.



Below you see an incomplete version of the game, to give you a first idea of how things were put together.


 Copyrights belong to their respective owners – Developed by Ethan Tan, 2013.




I’ve been involved twice in this ‘Linkin Park’ game. First I made characters & weapon designs for the game-pitch, and later on  I worked on marketing & trailer-art.  I also had the pleasure to work with Mike Shinoda (band singer, illustrator), who was to my surprise very hands-on involved in the art production :]



 More info on the game can be found here: http://www.lprecharge.com/ & on the games facebook page. Copyrights belong to their respective owners – Developed by QUENTA HOLDING B.V., LINKIN PARK & Kuuluu, Facebook game,  2013.



Together with Yasmin Sheikh, we first developed the visual style for this game & then made all the art assets. This smart & addictive puzzle game takes place in a ‘magic box’ as can be seen below. You can also play ‘Magic Foundry’ here ;)



(Phone Version)

 Copyrights belong to their respective owners – Developed by Fundemic, 2013.





While working at Playlogic, I got the oppertunity to pitch ‘PomPom Party’ to Sony.  Back in the days, the Eyetoy camera was still rather poor at detecting human movements. So to be able to detect more refined ‘dance moves’ I imagined we could use bright colored PomPoms to solve that issue. This was a simple, but revolutionary idea.  Sony developed the game within the next year, staying very faithfull to my designs. They even used my promo-proposal &turned it into the  movie that you see below.


Copyrights belong to their respective owners – Developed by Playlogic for Sony (SCEE), 2008, PS2 Eyetoy.




I made ‘Super Quest’ together with Yasmin Sheikh; it’s a ‘point and click’ adventure game for your tablet. We made the game as one, writing, sketching, inking & coloring. We have one level finished now…  and if we ever find the time we will finish it for sure :)


 Copyrights belong to their respective owners – Developed by Robin Keijzer and Yasmin Sheikh.






During the Global Gamejam of 2012 we made the first level of ‘Rebirth’ within in 48 hours! I was the artist on the team. The art below consists out of modular parts.


The movie below shows the first draft of the game & it’s puzzle mechanics.



Programming: Luc Bloom, Django Verbaant – Game Design: Ard Bonewald, Kim van Eng – Art: Robin Keijzer – Audio: Matthijs Dierckx


For ‘Xyanide Resurrection’ I did the majority of the concept art, incl. creepy space monsters & background art Like in the movie below).

For the game I also wrote & made (together with colleagues) a digital comic that tells the story of main character (see comics for an example).


Copyrights belong to their respective owners – Developed by Playlogic, 2007, PS2, PSP.