I’ve worked on many comic by now; mostly as an artist, but also as the creator & writer. The legend should help you to get an idea of my involvement on each project!

This is just a limited overview of projects I worked on; if you’re interested, my resume shows the complete list. If you like to see more (or bigger) comic work, then please scroll through my blog :)



In this fun adventure comic, we follow a unit of vampire hunters who operate legendary Coffin Crushers. These War-Mechas have but one mission: To crack open the vampires vaults and tip the scales of this eternal war! Created & illustrated by myself, and brought to life by scriptwriter Brian Spinney! If you like to be the first to read Coffin Crushers, then keep an eye out for it’s Kickstarter campaign :)






‘Wizard Brew’ is a comic about a young wizard that tends to get himself in trouble all the time. Issue 1 is done, more will follow! This comic takes place in the setting of my roleplay-campaign and each issue contains a map of the area it takes place in! Issue 1 is done, but not published yet. Story & art by myself.




I created this comic for Codeglue, a dutch game company that develops the arena shooter game ‘Antegods’. In this case I only did the character designs and comic art.  Script by Niels ‘t Hooft, gameart by Codeglue’s design team. Flat colors by Maroussia Jansen. If you like to see how this comic was made, then have a look at the interview on Codeglue’s blog over here!


Imagine a drunk robot made from a washing machine that starts a fight with a goldfish that managed to control his bubbly water-body. What would be the consequences of their actions once they start fighting in a crowd of fans that came to see the famous alien-stripper-concert…? That’s what, ‘Splash VS Clean’ is all about!  Story & art by myself. This comic was self-published, and was also printed in the dutch comic magazine ‘Strips2Go’.





For the first 6 issues of the  ‘Bieb bende’ (Library gang) book series, I made wrap around covers. It’s always an interesting challenge to make the cover work with all the text, but it’s fun to do. The series will have 12 books, so I might be making some more of these ;0




For ‘Xyanide Resurrection’  I also wrote & made (together with colleagues) a digital comic that tells the story of main character (duration, 20 minutes).


Copyrights belong to their respective owners – Developed by Playlogic, 2007, PS2, PSP.



Over time I have contributed quite a few illustrations to various artbooks, incl.; ‘Megaman Tribute’, ‘World of Warcraft Tribute’, ‘Robot Envy Zenith’ & ‘Cafe Sale 05’ (french).




I have also made collections of my own artwork.

  • Dungeon, friend or foe’ (A5, 20 pages) contains about 150 sketches that I’ve made for my role-playing campaigns.
  • The ‘Gang Up!’  artbook ( A5, 52 pages), contains all artwork belonging to the production of the card-game ‘Gang Up!’; both of these books are in print.
  • ‘VERSUS 01’ (A4, 28 pages) & ‘Robin Keijzer Portfolio vol.2’ (A4, 220 pages) contain most artwork I made between 2010 & 2017; I made these books for myself.



Strips2Go, was a dutch comic magazine that published ‘edgy, modern’ comics made by dutch artists. I was mainly involved as a ‘talent scout’ and was partly involved in layout & promotion. My comic ‘Splash VS Clean’ was also published in this magazine at one point.

Last but not least! Luna the Vampire is a comic made by my girlfriend & published by IDW. Although I do little actual work on the project, I am very much involved, since we discuss Luna a lot at home. But I did make a variant cover for issue 3 :)