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Here is the latest image I made for ‘ Coffin Crushers’ – it’s a map of the largest human city around! It has Stake Guns, Sunny Spot lights, a Holy Water Moat & many many Crosses, so vampires be ware! -click to enlarge –    


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Hey everyone! My  ‘Coffin Crushers’ comic  is finally shaping up! After a very long design period I could finally make some progress on the actual pages. Here you see two shots from what I have so far! This first shot is from inside a Coffin Crusher (a huge robot designed to withstand vampire attacks). And […]

Coffin Crushers collaboration

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For years I have been doing art-project together with Gijs Hermans (currently art director at Ronimo Games). And recently we made this Coffin Crusher illustration together. I did the sketch below, and Gijs did all the hard work turning it into a fancy image ;0  I think it turned out great!   The sketch

Coffin Crushers Pilots

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Aquarelle Ladies


These are some aquarelles I made for fun. I have a huge stack of sketches from all the live-drawing sessions I do, so I decided to add some color to them. It’s so much faster then PS and it takes me just about an hour to color one of these :)