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Legend of the skyriders

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This is the last cover I made for the ‘Bieb bende’ (Library gang) book series. It’s always an interesting challenge to make a cover that wraps around the entire book & looks good everywhere. Here you can see the things I have to take in account when designing these covers. Enjoy!  

Guardian of Time

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This is the cover I made for the next part of the ‘Library Gang’; The Guardian of time! Here you can find the previous cover I made.      

Dark Carnaval

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Recently I illustrated the second book of Michael Reefs, called:‘The library gang: Dark carnaval’. It’s a bit of a ghost story/adventure intended for childeren. The book also contains many QR-codes that will give you additional information about the story, which is a very nice addition I think. Obviously it’s a bit more friendly then my […]