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Coffin Crushers Awkward Art Talk!

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I just did my first ever live-stream and talked about making Coffin Crushers ;) I had fun doing it, but I felt a bit awkward talking to a tablet! But thanks for watching & asking some questions, that made it very much worthwhile ;) And for those of you who missed it; you can still […]


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Hey everyone! My  ‘Coffin Crushers’ comic  is finally shaping up! After a very long design period I could finally make some progress on the actual pages. Here you see two shots from what I have so far! This first shot is from inside a Coffin Crusher (a huge robot designed to withstand vampire attacks). And […]

Antegods Comic

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Hey everyone! I recently created a comic for Codeglue, a dutch game company that develops the arena shooter game ‘Antegods’. Below you see the cover and a page from the comic (1 of 22). If you want to learn more about the process of making this comic, then have a look at the interview on […]

Wizard Brew Issue 1

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I made issue 1 of ‘Wizard Brew’ in 2013 and I am now working the next issues. But this is old news, since you probably have seen much more recent stuff of of the comic on this blog. Well, I somehow forgot to post the actual pages, so here they are at last  :)

Wizard Brew// at the Mermaid bar

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And here he it is, the hero from my next comic Wizard Brew! * And now you finally know who the guy in the banner on top is! :)

Strips2Go // New Dutch Comic Paper!

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I’m happy to announce that the first issue of STRIPS2GO is released!  It’s a brand new Dutch comic magazine that contains 72 pages of comics, manga, indie cartoons & more! This issue also features the first part of my HD-comic ‘Splash VS Clean’, and it comes with a papercraft model of Clean! So if you are around a comicshop or […]