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Eve & The Apple


This is an illustration I did for fun ;) – click to enlarge! –  

Live Model Illustrations

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During the last few years I’ve been practicing anatomy by attending live drawing classes. And although I made hundreds of sketches, I never really came around to actually make a more refined illustration of a just a model. I think i’ts because I have the strong urge to mix everything up with all kinds of […]

Figure drawing Aquarelles

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These are some colored results from my sketch sessions. Poses vary from 5 to 15 minutes. click image to enlarge!  



This girl was in need of an update ;) These are a few images I made of her last week, I’ve been practacing facial expressions and tried to stabelize my female proportion; mainly to get them on par with my male characters. For some reason I find it easier to go nuts with their expressions…

Tetra the Pirate

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She appeared more then once on my blog; Tetra the Pirate. A D&D character played by Yasmin, named after the Tetra from our favorite game: Zelda the Wind Waker :)

Tower of Girls


Update 01 (dec 2012): In-between making actual illustrations, I’ll mainly practice drawing girls. And after I spoke to Gijs last week, I was re-inspired to simplify my colors and push it more towards a cell-shading look. I think it’s a good way to start more complex, or more painterly images since it gives you a good grip on your […]