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Coffin Crushers Live On Kickstarter!

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Hey Guys my personal project is finally live on Kickstarter! ‘In this fun adventure comic, we follow a unit of vampire hunters who operate legendary Coffin Crushers. These War-Mechas have but one mission: To crack open the vampires vaults and tip the scales of this eternal war!’   You can find it here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/robinkeijzer/coffin-crushers-the-comic     […]

Coffin Crushers Pilots

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Hey! These are some recent maps I made -and I felt like sharing them ;0 The top map is a game-board for the card-game ‘Gang Up!’. Just to explain a little more about that;  the city-blocks that have white boarders, is where you place your card stacks. The map itself shows ‘Crimetown’, the fictional city […]

GangUp! First Sketches

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This illustration is a tryout for the ‘Gun for Hire’ Card :)   Shotgun Mike has gained some friends! A few more sketches for the gangs of crimetown:  

GangUp! Shotgun Mike


For a while now I’ve been working with Paul on a cardgame. We are past the first prototypes and the game is fun! So it was time for me to make some prototype art – and here it is; the card for Shotgun Mike!