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Rapid Prototype Art: Torzig

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For a while now I’ve been working together with Michael Gray of ‘Midnight Tinkering’. Michael develops games for the OUYA console and occasionally asks me to make some art for him. I really enjoy working on these concept jobs, because it’s all about the idea and very little about producing ‘refined art’ (which would make […]

Wizard Brew Issue 1

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I made issue 1 of ‘Wizard Brew’ in 2013 and I am now working the next issues. But this is old news, since you probably have seen much more recent stuff of of the comic on this blog. Well, I somehow forgot to post the actual pages, so here they are at last  :)



This girl was in need of an update ;) These are a few images I made of her last week, I’ve been practacing facial expressions and tried to stabelize my female proportion; mainly to get them on par with my male characters. For some reason I find it easier to go nuts with their expressions…

Wizard Brew// at the Mermaid bar

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And here he it is, the hero from my next comic Wizard Brew! * And now you finally know who the guy in the banner on top is! :)

Zelda inspired colors

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My girlfriend recently gave me the Hyrule Historia book which made me very happy :) The book gives a great insight in the various  art styles of  the Zelda games and shows a lot of art that was not available before. To me it’s great to see how basic their design process is and how well they keep using their […]